All you need for your holidays in Portugal


Personalize your trip

Extras – Surf Boards

make the most out of your trip in Portugal

Extras and surf rentals

Extras and Surf rentals – Coming to surf or travel in Portugal?
Don’t worry with your surf boards and travelling gear anymore!
Maximise the enjoyment of your trip! Add some extra gear and services and personalize your experience with us!
We rent top quality surf rentals and other travelling gear!

Atlantic Coast Campers provides all you need for your Surf trip!



Cruise around or warm up before surf on a fun way

Table & Chairs

Our most popular extra. Enjoy a meal outside

Portable Toilet

Complement your trip with a private toilet


The ultimate cooking experience for grilling fresh fish&meat


Sleeping net, chill!


Want to take more friends on your trip?

Beach fun kit

Rackets & volleyball

Sun kit

2 beach towels & 1 beach umbrella

Beach umbrella

Be careful with the always present Portuguese sun

Boss Sun kit

2 beach chairs, 2 beach towels & 1 beach umbrella

Snorkelling gear

License required in case of underwater hunting


Explore deeply and ride a bicycle


set of towels 2×2 shower & 2 hands/face towels

Rooftop box

Extra space to take your lugage, wetsuits, etc. Only available for Surf Express, Hikari, Bacalhau and Ginginha.


Local basket

Organic fruits&veggies+bottle of wine+regional specialties


Chil Seat / Baby Seat

Safety first! Seats for the youngers.



All sizes and types, depending on your needs, 7th day for free


All sizes and types, 7th day for free


Fiberglass shortboard, depending on your needs. 7th day free



7th day for free


I don’t want a campervan. Can I rent surf boards from you?

Yes, you can have any of the extras with us, even if you don’t get a van from us or any of the surf packages. However on the high season prices can be different.

What are the most popular extras among people travelling with you?

Surf boards and Table&chairs as well, are the extras travellers get more often from us.

Can I also have surf lessons?

Yes. And you can make some cheaper surf packages of Campervan + surf lessons. More information in this link.

I don’t want a campervan. Can I have surf lessons with you?

Yes, you can have just the surf lessons with us. Check out surf lessons only.

"Getting and returning the van was made really easy and organized…"

–Julia, Satu & Senna from Finland–

“We had a really awesome time in Portugal! Coming back soon :)”

–Mathias & Jacqueline – Austria–

"Thanks, it was a lot of fun riding around and surfing”

–JPeter & Remco – Slovakia and Holland–

“…Spending nights on the beach with your shelter was quite an unforgettable experience.”

–Laura & Eduard – Germany–
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